Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wiener Wisdom #3

Hey all ewe wiener lovers! I'm back at 'cha wid da third installment of Wiener Wisdom. Are ewe weady for it?

Wiener Wisdom #3: Why walk wen ewe kan make ur hewmon carry ewe?

My Poppa an me!

Now, I nos for sum of ewe dat's jest not an option. Katie twied it for a longtime an even now she twies to climb up on Mom to get carried. But she jest looks silly! An sure, maybe a Saint Bernard or Mastiff or sumthin' like dat kan't be carried around...

Me, on da oder hand, I'm jest da perfect size for my hewmons to pick me up an carry me everywhere! I learned early on dat if I look up at my hewmons wid weally sad little eyes, dey will do jest about anyting! Now dat's a secret, so don't be tellin' Mom or givin' her dis Web address, okay? I gots to keep my hewmons in line, an if sad wittle Wiener eyes works, den I'll do it!

So remember, why walk wen ewe kan be carried! :)

Jazzy the Amazing Wiener



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