Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolution #2

Hey, all ewe wiener lovers! Are ewe weady for New Year's Rezolushun #2 yet? Here we go...

New Year's Rezolushun #2: Keep ur nose kleen!

Regal-looking, izn't it?!

Now, ewe might ask, whut eggactly does "keep ur nose kleen" haf to do wid New Year's Rezolushuns? An no, it's not boogers! Let me tell ewe...

See, us dogs do everyting wid our noses! Wen we's born, we can't see or hear nuthin, but we can smell. It's de only ting dat weally works on us, so everyting we do is tied into our noses. We nos our Momma by our nose, we nos where da milk is by our nose, everyting!

As we get older, our noses can sumtimes get us into trouble! For eggsample, wen I smells sumthin' weally gud, I tells Katie about it an she normally will wun into da kitchen to see whut it is. Of course, dis meens jumpin' up on da counter to see whut Mom cooked, which meens dat Mom will yell at her to get off da counter an den she gets into trouble! So, maybe I shud rephrase dat: my nose can get Katie into trouble! ha ha ha!

Sorry, I digress. I kan't help but be meen to Katie sumtimes. It's just part of who I am. An evil wittle wiener! :)

Anyway, I meens, how many of ewe haf been out walking wid ur dogs an suddenly dey get a scent of sumthin' an da next ting ewe nos, ur hangin' on for dear life as ur dog takes off afer da scent? Oh, ewe nos it happens. I see dogs walkin' der peeple by my house all da time!

Whut I meen to illustrate wid des stories is dat sumtimes our noses go where dey don't belong. An da same ting cud be sed for hewmons. Sumtimes I see hewmons stick der noses in places I wouldn't even put dem (like near Lily's butt for one!)!! Hewmons don't tink sumtimes, dey jest stick der noses in, sniff around, an da next ting ewe nos, dey is in trouble! Why do ewe tink dat da news is so full of bad stuff all da time? It's because peeple are stickin' der noses in where dey don't belong.

Who am I to make dis kind of broad pronouncement, ewe ask? Well, for one, I am Jazzy the Amazing Wiener an I pays attenshun to a lot of stuff. Tink about it. Peeple start wars all da time. How comes? Normally 'cause sum dodo head decides he's gonna stick his nose over in his neighbors land and decide he wants it. Da whole "grass is greener..." ting! Peeple get divorced a lot an how comes? A lotta times 'cause one person sniffed anoder person an thought dat dey smelled bedder dan their old person at home! Peeple gets mad at der neighbors. How comes? Most of da time 'cause dey stick der noses in where dey don't belong, gossip, an make each oder mad.

Why all dis stickin' noses in where dey don't belong? Why all da fighting and gossip and sniffin' places ewe shudn't? What happened to being honest an trustworthy an mindful of oders? I tink a lot of times dat we forget dat da Good Book says dat we're supposed to do to oders whut we wud like dem to do to us.*

Whut dis meens is, if ewe want sumone to treat ewe well, den ewe shud treat dem well. If ewe do dis, does it meen it will happen? Nope. Der are a lot of times dat ewe can be weally nice to peeple an dey still will treat ewe like...well...a dog. Does it meen dat ewe shud be mean back to dem? Nope. It meens dat ewe shud still twy to be good to dem. Why, ewe ask? 'Cause it's da right ting to do. Ewe never nos whut sumone else is going thru. Maybe dey are going thru a weally hard time or dey are sad or scared or alone. An maybe, jest maybe, ewe being nice to dem will be da one bright spot dey haf in der day. Maybe dey won't show how much it meens to dem and maybe dey might jest not be nice back. But ewe will haf shown love to sumone who desperately needs it. An weally, isn't dat whut it's all about anyway? Love? It's whut it shud be about.

See, love kan change da world. Ofer 2,000 years ago, da love of one Man changed a world condemned to sorrow. "Well, the world is still pretty sorry..." ewe might say. Yeah, in many aspects it is, I agree. Der are wars, an kids goin' to bed hungry at night, an millions of animals beeing killed each year, an sick peeple gettin' sicker. Der is a lot of sadness in da world.. Yep, you'll find sadness and sorrow...if dat's whut ur lookin' for.

But there's a lot of beauty and goodness in da world, too. Peeple who twy an make a difference in da lives of oders, not because dey hope for fame or fortune, but only because it's da wight ting to do -- des are da beeutiful. Everytime I watch da TV an I sees peeple like da CNN 2009 Heroes or da peeple who are stuck on da front lines defending our freedoms or da peeple who do da dirty jobs dat no ones wants. Tink about it. Der are beeutiful peeple in da world, helping oders every single day an most of da time, dey never get recognized for whut dey do. Dey jest do it because dey haf hearts full of love an dey want to help.

Back in August, da first time dat my Mom went out to da Washington County SPCA to take pikchurs of da homeless dogs an cats, she cried like a baby. She walked past a whole pack of puppies an one of dem had a sign on it's cage dat sed, "Going home!" Ewe wud tink dat wud make her happy, an it did, but it also made her realize dat for sum of dem, dey wud never get to no a loving home. So dat was wen Mom decided dat she wud keep takin' der pikchurs for as long as it takes until every single one of dos dogs an cats haf signs dat say "Going home!" Dat's whut I'm talkin' about...hearts full of love dat want to help!

So, I want ewe to tink about dat as we gets weady to leaf 2009 an head into a new decade for 2010. Is ur nose in da wight place? Are ewe keepin' it kleen? Are ewe weady to sniff out new opportunities to make tings bedder dis year?

I've given ewe four great rezolushuns so far:

New Year's Rezolushun #5: Be nicer to Dopey Katie!
New Year's Rezolushun #4: Take more naps!
New Year's Rezolushun #3: Stop an smell da roses!
New Year's Rezolushun #2: Keep ur nose kleen!

An if ewe comes back tomorrow, ewe will gets to find out whut my New Year's Rezolushun #1 will be!

On dat note, I want to wish ewe a safe and Happy New Year! Do sumthin' different dis year...share sum love!

Jazzy the Amazing Wiener

*Luke 6:31



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